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Justin Blackburn

Creating Yourself Coaching.
Viral Slam Poet.
Author of The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues.
Positive Progressive Comedian.
My name is Justin Blackburn. I inspire human beings to take their power back,
embody their soul instead of society’s conditioning,  and create the loving life
they desire, starting from the energy within themselves.
Growing up in racist, Bible Belt, South Carolina I was raised on lies and diagnosed
with many mental disorders because I was different than the society around me.
I used society’s rejection to reject myself which led to me feeling suicidal, numb.
It wasn’t until I went within myself and began to create then embody the person
I desired to be that I learned to channel the past into empowering art that inspires others!
This is the gift I give my Life Coaching Clients.
I break down their conditioning, teach them the real Universal Laws, and guide them
with Unconditional Love to create and be the person they I want to be in this world.

Below is my Viral Slam Piece ‘White People Us’ that’s been seen by over 5 million people.
Here I break down the systematic racism the white people I grew up around ignored.
It’s time we all stop ignoring the lies and start embodying the truth.