Hi, I’m Justin Blackburn.  I like thai food, friends, being genuine, and relaxing in Mother Nature.  But what I love most is creating art.


The pure inspiration I feel when I create is untouchable.  This website is dedicated to my love for creativity.  This website is dedicated to the pure inspiration we feel when we are in touch with our creative ability.
Much like these powerful people, I use my creative ability to know myself deeper and make a positive impact on our beautiful world.  I’d love for you to experience my creative world through my words or my music or my comedy.

I’d love for you to  feel inspired by my art.  I’d love to make a lasting connection with you like I made with my new friend Eleanor after she felt so much love from reading my poetry book “Child Be Wild.”

Possible Joke Picture
Asking you to check out three different things may be a tad overwhelming.  Especially since the outside is already giving us so much pressure. 

You know the whole, “Go here.  Do that.  Pay this.  Be what I want.  Act like him.  I’ll love you if…”  So I’d never want you to feel overwhelmed.  I’ve felt that way, it is difficult to create from there.  Lol.

Would you ease up on me

That is why I’d love to take a deep breath with you and relax.   Of course no pressure.  You’re free to feel however you desire.


But awwwwww………. it feels so good to relax.  It feels so good to know the option is always available.  It feels so good to clear out negativity and focus on the good. 

It feels good for me to focus on creating art and inspiring people.  I’d love to inspire you so check out my heart opening, spiritually comforting, mind expanding Poetry by clicking here and enjoying my Published Works.


Justin Blackburn as an Author/Poet

Justin Blackburn has six books published.  His latest “Child Be Wild” was published by Inner Child Press.  His wide variety of work has been in Rolling Stone, A & U Magazine, Open Minds Quarterly, 11:11 Magazine, Wake Magazine, and other publications.  He was the winner of Beat Magazine’s Poet of the Year Award.  He has performed his work at Poetry Slams, Colleges, High Schools, Festivals, Theaters, Bars, Coffee Houses, Houses, and for Poetry Societies.  Justin has toured with the poetry group New Danger as well as with Indie Rock Bands such as elvis depressedly and Told Slant.  He is currently manifesting the perfect publisher for his masterful Three Part epic, transformative story The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues.  Read Part One For Free… Here

To Book Justin Blackburn for a Poetry Performance or a Live Reading, email inspiretheground@gmail.com

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If you are not in the mood to read, if you want to relax and let the inspiration come directly to your ears and soul… click here and enjoy the beautiful, honest, fun loving, innovative pop music that is my band… True Christians.


Justin Blackburn as a Musician

Formerly of the band Super Baby Star, Justin Blackburn is the creator and singer of the band True Christians featuring Scotty Leitch (Alex G, Shelf Life) and Abby Trufino.  Justin also helped write the Coma Cinema record “Baby Prayers” and has collaborated with them throughout their career.

To Book the True Christians to play at your College or Venue, email everythingsworkingout@gmail.com
Angel Team Justin BlackburnOh… you are not so much in the mood for inspiration but need some laughter!  I got you.  I perform Stand Up Comedy that creates fun, lightens the load, takes the our fear and makes so much fun of it, it turns into love. Click here and laugh.


Justin Blackburn as a Comedian

Justin Blackburn is not your cliché, unoriginal, hack comedian.  He does his best to make Stand Up Comedy an art of originality, purpose, and creativity no matter how pretentious other comedians think that sounds.  His comedy album Failure is brilliant, bizarre, and hilarious.  He was a member of the Rubber and Glue Comedy Tour.  He has opened for many amazing comedians such as Rory Scovel, Sean Patton, Joe Derosa, Baron Vaughn, and Cody Hughes.  He is currently working on a cartoon called The Failure with Katie Hughes.

To book Justin Blackburn to perform Stand Up Comedy email, inspiretheground@gmail.com

Life Is SImple

Maybe you are here searching for a deeper truth.  Maybe you are desiring to know more about the love that lives within you, more about who you truly are beyond the bullshit in the way between you and your dreams. Click below and embrace my Inner Life Coach page where you may find the reflection of the real beauty that is you. 

Justin Blackburn as an Inner Life Coach

Justin Blackburn is an Inner Life Coach and Clairvoyant.  He has been providing powerful, life enhancing guidance for many amazing people for over ten years.  Justin understands your inner life is a direct reflection of your outer life.  Meaning how you think and feel creates your reality.  Justin’s powerful gift is his ability to inspire you to change how you think and feel so you can create a better, dream come true life for yourself.  Justin provides the inspiration and the tools that give you a greater sense of purpose, hope, clarity, and joy in your everyday life.  Justin has worked at Kimah Healing Art Center in Greenville, SC, Next Millennium in Omaha, the Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara, Costa Rica as well as other places.   He is a certified Deeksha Blessing Giver and graduate of the Shamanic Munay-Ki training.  Justin Blackburn is a genuine, heart opening human being who finds great joy in teaching people how to feel great joy.

To Book Justin Blackburn for an Inner Life Coaching Session or Inspirational Speaking, email inspiretheground@gmail.com

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Follow the love, the awakenings, and the thoughts that have been flowing through my mind lately by clicking here and reading my blog.
Park Fun

I hope you found inspiration or at least a sense of the beauty of life.  If not, I hope you leave now and seek it and feel it and find it. 

You are truly an amazing being and what matters most is you finding that amazingness and feeling it and expressing it in whatever ways make you feel the best. Birds Flying More






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