Ocean Hearts Inside Seashells

You do not come flying
in from hell
when bringing your lover


You stroll calmly to their house
with the symbol of your love
safe in your hands.


Why do you give your heart away
so chaotically when it beats 

gently, softly, steadily?


A heart like a seashell is a gift,
but if your lover does not accept it,
will you break it into a million pieces?


Don’t break your own heart.
Give your seashells back to the sea.
Let the ocean keep them close and warm
until your gift is ready.


Justin Blackburn,
“Love Poems That Manifested My Soulmate”

FROM CHAPTER 3 “The Search Continues Amidst Heartbreak”

Heartbreak is where you learn the most about yourself.  Use that knowledge to get clearer on what you desire and to know your soulmate is even closer!

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