Hi! How are you feeling? That simple answer is determining the quality of your life.  How you feel is a direct reflection of the life you live, as your thoughts and feelings create your reality.  It’s not complicated.

You feel good….
feeling-good-about-yourselfLife goes good…

You feel bad…
feeling-badLife goes bad…

The Law of Attraction makes it that simple.law-of-attraction
That’s why feeling good is the most important part of life.  When you are feeling good, no matter what you are attracting, you can handle it with grace and ease.
difference-between-feeling-good-and-feeling-badOf course we all feel negative, sad, angry, and confused at times.  But what if you could use those emotions to assist you in living the life you desire?  You can!  My job as a Life Coach is to teach you how, is to change your negatives into positives.

I change the only relationship you have full control of, the relationship with how you feel.  I teach you how to sustain the inspired, positive, genuine productive feelings you experience while giving relief to the negative feelings you experience.   The Law of Attraction does the rest.

Imagine being in control of your emotions and using your emotions to create the life you desire!!   Feel how good it would be!
Imagine feeling good… not due to a promotion or an attractive person liking your profile pic on Facebook.  Feel how good it would feel to feel good simply for the sake of feeling good.  Imagine feeling good as your dominant feeling!
Imagine waking inspired to do work you love.  Imagine thinking “work” is not even the correct word to describe it because you enjoy it so much!   Feel the feeling of knowing what you are doing is important.  Feel the feeling of knowing what you are doing is inspiring other humans and helping the world!!
Justin Blackburn Bio Pic 6Imagine a  balanced relationship with a partner you are completely in love with.  A partner that allows you to feel strong in your vulnerability.  A partner you can be completely honest with and they understand you fully.  A partner that loves you for you.
Imagine feeling like everything is working out for you, even when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Imagine appreciating every part of your gorgeous body.

Imagine a greater understanding of how to deliberately achieve your goals.

Imagine more…  more joy, more passion, more appreciation, more compassion, more laughter, more abundance.

Imagine a greater ability to understand others, resulting in better relationships all around.

Imagine knowing who you truly are beyond all the negative bullshit.

These are just some of the results you will experience upon taking my Inner Life Coach Program “From Negative To Positive and The Law of Attraction”

If you are interested in learning more, email me at inspiretheground@gmail.com and we can have our Free Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Check out what other clients have experienced working with me…

“I knew Justin was a gifted. But not until I worked with him did I realize how truly gifted he is. He tapped into the highest part of me and cleared a path for me to access my fullest potential.  I’ve been in the Healing World for over 20 years, working with many Life Coaches, Counselors, Psychics, etc. and had good experiences. But from the bottom of my heart, working with Justin is the best experience I’ve had.  He accesses the deeper parts of your being and reflects back who you are beyond doubt and fear.  Which shows you how to create the best life for yourself! Thank you Justin Blackburn! You are Magnificent!”

Katie Niemi,  Synergistic Nutrition

“Justin Blackburn changed every aspect of my life.  I went from being in a loveless marriage to a passionate marriage with the same exact man. Justin showed me how my thoughts and feelings create my reality.  Instead of seeing “Problems” Justin showed me how to focus on myself as the “Solution.” In doing this I noticed my husband was less angry, less annoyed at me.  As we kept the positive energy flowing I found us actually spending time together laughing.  Slowly and steadily the more positively I viewed him, the more positively he viewed me.  I am proud to say we go on dates again and our passion is stronger than it was 25 years ago. I’m not saying it was easy and it took me the full sessions, but I don’t understand how I lived so unconsciously before.  Also, I am painting again.  I even sold one. It was to my son-in-law, but it feels good so I count it. Thank you so much Justin Blackburn!”

Carolyn Onken, Mother, Wife, Artist

“Don’t be mistaken by Justin’s fun and informal manner. He’s just so down to Earth. During one of our Sessions, he identified a repressed issue I had with my father’s irreverent humor growing up. This awareness, patterned with his suggestions on how to heal it, has positively impacted my relationship with myself, my father, and how I experience humor. Justin freed me up to see my Dad in a new light which allows for more love and compassion. I strongly recommended working with Justin on any issue you long for a positive solution with. Justin inspires much peace within.”

Terri Coleman, A Way 2 Insights

“My sessions with Justin Blackburn are euphoric.  Justin helps me open my heart with emotional exercises that prepare me for the rest of my journey. I feel safe from judgment.  He breathes into existence a net of awareness within me.   His abilities are honed exceptionally and he seems tremendously grateful to give the information as well!  The energy between us is so relaxed. He eases me deep into a meditational journey much like a lucid dream, guiding me to find parts of myself that do not feel loved so we can meet them with love!  His intentions are true.  This is what makes him so capable of clearing away the perceived negativity we so often procure.  My soul―our souls― are intrinsically perfect and Justin is a bold, in control, spiritual wrecking ball, ready to help us tear down the walls we’ve built up against love and our desires.”

Taylor Baldwin, Musician

“THANK YOU for our Session.  Just thinking of your beautiful soul bring me to tears. Your caring and insight are beyond what words can convey.  Blessings and much success in everything you touch.  Thank you, you said what I needed to hear in the most loving and caring way I have ever experienced. I will never doubt how special I am and you never doubt how much your actions and thoughts have infused my soul with divine inspiration and direction.  Much love Justin!”

Cathy Lambert, Centerplace Tax Accountant