Advice To Stay Out Of The Struggle


Don’t piss away your dreams.
Hold closer the impossibilities.
You are 99.99 percent soul!
Use it to confront your own asshole.
It’ll stink but the more you do
the less time you’ll spend
shitting all over yourself.

Don’t be a dick.
If someone is a dick, don’t be a bitch.
I’m not talking about a dog or a woman.
Don’t get too pissed reading other people’s bullshit.
If you expect an idiot to not be an idiot,
who’s the idiot? Mind your own fucking business.

Darkness may look beautiful,
but it makes you gorgeous
when you shine your light upon it.
The Bible is a road map
to a cul de sac in Georgia.
Learn from your own heart.
Create your own art.
Be your own sonnet.

The voice saying “you’re not good enough” is a liar.
Call it out.
Set it on fire.
The voice saying “meditate” is worth listening to.

Your father gave his dreams to you.
You are awake now.
Your mother did her best.
You’re not the judge but the evidence.
If you blame them for the pain, take the gift
the pain gave you and give them that blame too.

Everything is a symbol for within.
The world changes when you
change what you believe in.
Meaning your thoughts create your reality.
Know it so powerfully you feel the Zodiac tremble.

The past is a laugh and it’s on you,
so relax, nothing is ever fucked
even death is a second chance.
If you find yourself scared to dance, take a nap.
Do what you feel, feel what you do.
If you don’t know how, pet a cat.

It is bound to get crazy,
that’s the how the universe expands.
Be so thankful to be frustrated
you smile and yell “goddamn!”
The simplicity is why it appears so complicated.

Change is hard, not changing way harder.
The story is always the author.
The garden is only the gardener.
Don’t separate yourself from your own genius.
A heart beats for you just like it did for Jesus.
When things aren’t going your way
ask yourself what are you believing?
Dreams desire us to bring them into being.

Don’t let people fool you.
All they want is love.
Don’t fool yourself.
All you want is love.
It’s your mission to figure out
what that means
to you.