Child Be Wild


Child be wild!
You are ahead of your time.
Take advantage of your innocence
with your smile.
Discover your heart
and you will never have to search with your mind.

We do not need anymore of you to grow up.
We already have enough boring adults meandering around,
unable to get lost or found,
acting in grown up dramas during the day,
getting stuck in the play at night
unable to lift their dreams into flight,
waking up ruled by rules cold, starved, and lonely.

Child be seen!
You are the one and only person
who can create your dream life.
Remember if someone is being mean
there is a great chance they are not right
so never stop shining your light!

We need you out here in the ever changing world
to help us remember who were as little boys and girls
with pockets full of joy and eyes full of pearls.
Open our minds to the wide winged wonder
and run into our arms at the exploding sound of thunder.
You have so much to teach us yet so much to learn
and we have no reason to reject you or to ever be so stern.

Child be heard!
You can hear the songs
the flowers sing to the birds.
Award us your sweet voice
and share the words.
Give us your favorite color.

We are too caught up in the superficial politics of father and mother,
too drowned out in the lifeless arithmetic of sister and brother,
our imaginations can’t remember we are imaginary.
So of course we are going to tell you the world is scary,
we fired our angels and stepped on our fairies,
we burned down the magical garden and turned it into a cemetery,
we took our inner beauty and made it a burden to carry.

Child be free!
We miss ourselves,
longing for our childhood memories
so help us by being yourself, letting yourself be,
and remembering no matter what we say,
child, you are always perfect in every way.

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