You Are Not A Normal Human Being

You are not a normal human being!
I know you, better yet, you know you!
You have beautiful dreams you are fulfilling.
You wake up every day on the ceiling
and inspire your desires to radiate your feelings.
You are not afraid to be yourself.
Despite anyone else, you know who you are.
You are not a normal human being.

You are not the cheesy, cliché, character
in the corner of the bar telling war stories
on how marriage is a dead dark dishcloth cemetery.
You can get married, love your spouse forever,
and still feel free.
You can create a career you love, making lots of money, and not be a selfish, egoistical prick.
No matter what, you can be happy.
You are here to remember, not forget.
You are not a normal human being.

You do not suffer the chaos of your own delusions.
You are not ruled by the desolate confusion
of other people’s illusions.
You’re not brainwashed by the mediocre miserable mass media.
You are the real, heartfelt, bloody, breathing soul filled essence of life.
You are not a walking, talking robotic Wikipedia.
You are a tender burning gentle loving light.
You are not a computer plugged into a graveyard.
You transcend Middle America
like a dark sky overflowing with bright stars.
You are not a normal human being.

You did not come to Planet Earth
to work for green paper and die.
You came to satisfy your soul,
to search yourself whole,
to serve this beautiful world.
You came to feel the joy of why
you are not a normal human being.

You do not sit around all day gossiping the gospel from one tragic play to the next.
You do not live your life for the sake of regret.
You do not put your brothers and sisters down.
You do not waste your time.
Your voice is a gentle, relaxing, indigo sound
that enhances the space within everyone’s mind.
Your word is alive.
You are not a normal human being.

You are not afraid of your creator.
You are not going to die
and spontaneously begin an eternal burning.
You are not waiting on a savior.
You are here now and you are aware
and you are learning.
You condemn no one to hell.
Instead you invite everyone into your heaven.
You understand and you are understood.
You forgive and you are forgiven.
You are not a normal human being.

You touch angels, you scare demons, you inspire
the sun!
You have no one to blame.
You are not a normal human being! Why?
Because there’s no such thing as one.

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