Every Fart That Made You Laugh


You farted in front of me
for the first time.
Through the awful smell
I kissed you.

You pushed me on to the bed.
I whispered in your ear…
“you just want to get fucked,
don’t you?”

“Oh God yes!” You panted.
And we fucked like deranged Mormons.

Our orgasms made us hungry
so we drove down the road
reeking of perfect love.

I farted, you started laughing.
“You just want to get fucked, don’t you?”
You said impersonating me.
“Oh God yes!” I panted back.

You pulled over
and we fucked in the front seat.

Every fart that made you laugh
I honor in heaven’s hall of records.

Every erection that made you wet
is content in my heart like an angel.

Every tongue that touched your clit
gushes out of my spirit’s endless energy fountain.

Every zit that wore your face
is safe in my favorite photo album.

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