Learning About Women


Tender touch
naked tub
of warm water
wide wonder
sky open

My eyes shine her skin.
The future, the past, and the present breathe there.
Every war is won there.
Every star is born there.
Every animal runs free there.
Every man bakes cookies there.

Her jealous ex plots my death.
The boys in the bathroom brag about dirty sex.
The men in the bar offices check another nothing off their sadness.

Her tongue sinks the knowledge of my heart.
I’ve learned the wrong thing a million times.

She puts my head underwater
and baptizes my brain
in the safety of the wild
within the woman.

For the first time I breathe
through feet,
hands follow feelings,
souls sparkle hair,
ghosts touch face,
clinging, I gracefully disintegrate.

“That’s pretty, what is that called?” I ask,
“Clavicle,” she laughs back.

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