Rose On The Rise


Point at your problems with wonderment
like you would point
at a precious flower ready to bloom
on a sunny stroll through the forest.

Think, “what does a flower need to grow?”
give your problems that,
plenty of easy open flowing air,
fresh lively water,
and golden heaven sunlight.

Remember no one walks by a rose and says
“That rose is stupid, it hasn’t bloomed yet.”

Things take time and that is why time exists,
that is why we are here for eternity,
that is why we have endless choices,
that is why we have the time to do what we choose.

Choose yourself and to that choice be true,
my precious rose on the rise,
perceive through the beautiful colors of your eyes,
notice your rash blasting thoughts become subdued,
feel your flower mind in full bloom,
feel God loving you.

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