Share Yourself Broken


Share yourself broken beyond
the barbwire fence of forgiveness.
Give your sorrow to the shining sun.
Drag suffering down an empty street.
Ring a door bell and run.

Take the tremendous tenderness
that poisoned your childhood
and offer it as paint to the sky.
Give your problems a picnic.
Sit on the earth and go for a ride.

Ask your pain out on a date.
Laugh flowers in his face if he says no.
Dance those silly fears away.
Walk into the night, take it slow.

Reveal your deepest secret
and feel islands smile themselves.
If you are scared, trust
the Angels you call on for help.

Give your guilt to the stars
and wish it a safe travel home.
Write yourself a brand new story.
Look inside what you find ugly
and appreciate the glory.

Assign your sadness to art
and sing your music.
Travel to the trouble and be open.
Never to be afraid
to share yourself broken.