Spiritual Soulmate

I want to hear you sing
off key
in an apple orchard,
play footsie with you
at a dinner party,
kiss you waiting in line
at a grocery store.

I desire to pray with you
in the heart of Mother Mary,
be telepathic with you,
a cruise ship of your skin
on an ocean of my blood.

I want you to make me laugh,
cuddle my dreams,
and I’ll love your tired body.

I desire to speak your name
first thing in the morning
then follow you into
the Garden of Intuition
and give infinite blessings
to Mother Earth.

I want to express equality
in the place everyone can feel it, your soul,
where I know why I am so beautiful naked
standing next to you.

I desire to sleep with you in a lily pond,
love purely our entire eternal soul family
as angels marry us in the trust of now.

I want to be your angel,
a guitar forever tuned to twilight,
bring my childhood to your altar,
wash your feet with my hair.

I desire to be the one to hold,
travel Mary Magdalene country
heart and hand.

I want to cry with you in the movies,
know about the ones
who broke your heart.

I desire to never again have to believe.
I want to be our love.

The process of remembering who I am
has brought me to your kitchen to dance,
will you take my hand?

Justin Blackburn
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