Where The Orgasm Brings Stars


Your soul looks so beautiful
chilling in your body.
But your ass is only as sexy
as your honesty.

You speak vulnerably.
The past scares you.
“Yeah, me too.”

You touch my face.
I kiss your empty page.
Our defense mechanisms disintegrate.
The candle lights connection.
The colors bright, protection.

All of a sudden it’s snowing
on the green grass growing,
our window opens and we listen
to the silence filled with wisdom.
And God becomes absolute love again.

The magnolias in the moonlight mean something.
The stars bring orgasms.
The mailbox is ready to ascend.
The clouds write love letters to the sky
as it lies down an endless field.

We can’t stop kissing, moving
back and forth from imaginary to real.
Heaven comes to us
as we smile the smile that loves our face.
We trust each other enough
to know here we are safe naked to our soul.
This love we must not control.
So dive into the worst of me
and find the clearest blue.
Challenge the best of me,
I need to always become brand new.

Our romantic nights in Paris
never take place in ol Paree.
They happen within
the magic of you and me
when we let ourselves be
who we truly are
that is when our orgasms
bring us to the stars.

You are my first true love
because I am true in my love
for the first time.

You are my soulmate
because I finally know mine.

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