Love Fuck God Goddess Soul Fuck Star Sex

I follow tender burning love lights
silent into her apartment,
afraid I’ll ruin the magic.

She takes her clothes off slowly
as if dressed in seashells, desiring me
to hear her ocean in each inch of fabric.

Already, I want to cum.
Our eyes shine into each other’s soul,
our souls anticipate becoming one.
I have to fart, but I hold it.

We lock lips.
I taste moonlight, she sunshine.
Our tongues whisper each other’s names,
swallowing the letters with our mind’s trust.
Walls, rooms, buildings disappear,
everything except us.

I caress the air bouncing daintily over
her damp, angel haired pussy.
Her juices rise into my hand.
I engulf my face in her woodlands.

My tongue does the freestyle, the breaststroke,
the butterfly as I win the gold, the silver, the bronze,
savoring the sky flying inside her like a swan.

She orgasms a marching band
led by Field Commander Cohen.
She jerks my hair up rough,
drinks her juice from my mouth.

This is how mountains afford their vacation views!
This is how God can never separate from us!
“I want your dick inside me now!” She screams out!

But I can’t get my dick up.
She’s too luminous, too wonder filled. .
My dick is a sick bitch,
I don’t want to make her ill.
“I do not feel I deserve love.”
I say like an orphanage full of dead kids inside.

“But you do.” Holy shit, she’s right!
I deserve love, everyone does,
from the Subway sandwich artist
to the woman running next to you at the gym.
It’s that simple, Einstein didn’t come up with that shit,
but it’s more brilliant than anything he did.

We gaze down dumbstruck at my cock
as it grows in slow-mo, harder, thicker, bigger than ever,
three times the size of the Grinch’s heart.

She leaps upon my forgiven dick hard
as if it is her lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.
The joy of sex pours through our emotions
as she drives me like a jet ski off a waterfall,
digging deeper and deeper into my throbbing veins.

The phat little grooves our bodies make bang,
stomp, clap, and call out of us,
with their own genitals to masturbate to us.
She fucks me to death
then keeps fucking me till resurrection.
My heart’s infinite erection can never go down now.


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