Tripping Big New York City Balls

Tripping balls on a crowdedNewYorkCitystreet
….and like all the LIGHTS turning on….
…I get it…
the point of life.

Instantly a new way to see silence
and another dash for quotations
invents itself inside my mind.
It is alright where I am.
It must be. Get it? Get the point?

Hallucinogens are visibility for blind objects.
We are tripping all the time
we are just blind to the brilliance.
Whatever the brilliance…
Whatever the fuck, you want to call it.
I can’t help but express it,
expect it, attract it, be it, get it? I am it.

You can kill yourself but there’s nowhere to go
but you.
Get it?
I must get it here…now…
before I can go get it anywhere else.

A man waves down taxi…I’m certain
it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
but it’s not I just get the point of life,
get it?
Everything is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
because I get it!
I weep big New York City tears of getting it joy.
Tears water my consciousness.
I am a farmer and my crop is awareness.
The land is as fertile as my mind is open.

There is here and here is here
but both are also everywhere
so everything isn’t anywhere but here now
like yesterday is now and tomorrow
will happen now again so there’s no
beginning or end now

I am Manhattan and it is India outside
and I am freezing and it is 1455
and I don’t care to find who I used to be.
I let go of all letting go.

I am twenty three
and it’s infinity inside
and I wasn’t born once
and I am fourteen again too
and tomorrow is my birthday forever
because every day I get it, get it?

Goddamn it is so easy to figure out
but so hard when you try, hi, do you get it yet?
You only get it when you get it
so get it, get it?
I hope I never not not get it again, get it?
If you listen to the traffic…the truth is parked.

Smile a consciousness cobweb.
I am that I am is the spider of all your thoughts

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