Published Works

Farting Fire Cover

Poems written to knock on your ass with laughter while connecting to your soul, “Farting Fire” confronts all the fear, anxiety, and issues plaguing my daily life to fearlessly transform them into passionate pathways of understanding.  If you have a tough time facing the parts of yourself you don’t like let these badass gifts of irreverent wisdom help you.  Read the sample poems below.

Unlearning Hitlerature

Every Fart That Made You Laugh

Spring Christian Festival

Cliché Poem To A Brilliant Poet Poem

Jumping Off A Bridge Of Racism 

Kicked Out Of The Orgy By My Girlfriend

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Love Poems That Manifested My Soulmate coverFinding your soulmate is life’s greatest gift. Love Poems That Manifested My Soulmate” is how I used poetry to journey to my soul and attract my soulmate, Gianna.  These poems, carefully aligned in chronological chapters by the Law of Attraction, demonstrate how I expressed my deepest desire, opened my heart, kept the faith through heartbreak, uncovered the love within myself, and how I now shower my soulmate everday with infinite love poems.  Feel illuminated by the poems from the book below….


Spiritual Soulmate 

Learning From Women

Find The Flowers 

Love Fuck Goddess God Soul Sex

Women Make You Love Yourself Deeper 

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This mind expanding collection was written at a point in my life where I was desperately searching.  All the people searching for happiness in the outside world of college, jobs, and society seemed backwards to me since happiness comes from within.  I turned within.  I found the blank page and gave myself the meaning I longed for.  I placed that powerful meaning into the wide variety of poetry that is, “It’s Hard To Get There When You Are Already There.”  These poems help you focus on what truly matters beyond the day to day bullshit.  Read the sample poems below and if you dig them, buy the book for $12.

Its Hard To Get There When You’re Already There

How Have I Ever Scored With a Chick

Creative Writing Degree From the University of South Carolina

Tripping New York City’s Balls

The Empty Pockets Of An Open Road


You Are Not A Normal Book

Published by Virgogray Press “You Are Not A Normal Human Being” is an expansive collection that profoundly touches on the broad wide range of human emotion we experience.  The poems range from the inspirational “When God Learned Love” to the hopeless “I Feel Like I Don’t Deserve Love” to the meditative “The Gods All Wear Flowers In Their Hair” to the self-empowering “I Retired From America In Third Grade” to the compassionate letter to a suicidal lover “Suicide Eyes Prettier Than Any Summer” to the hilarious, self confronting “Kicked Out Of The Orgy By My Girlfriend” to the poems below and everything in between.  Though each poem is unique in its innovation, each poem possesses is connected by the expression of Soul.  You can buy “You Are Not A Normal Human Being” here…

You Are Not A Normal Human Being

Here Forever

Compassion For My Grandmother Lost In A Pharmacy

There’s Nothing Like Getting Your Heart Broken

The Girls, You Just Be Their Friends

God All Wear Flowers In Their Hair


Child Be Wild Book Cover

Published by Inner Child Press, “Child Be Wild” is a collection of powerful, inspirational poetry dedicated to the beauty of life and to the appreciation of breath.   I wrote this collection with the intention to inspire each reader to love themselves a little more, smile a little bigger, and believe they can turn their dreams into realities.   Below are poems from “Child Be Wild.    If you enjoy them you can buy “Child Be Wild”

Child Be Wild

A Child’s Sunrise

The Reason Your Parents Don’t Fully Love You

Beautiful Children Be Aware


The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues is a masterful, transformative 3 part novel about an open hearted, bisexual boy bullied by his peers, ridiculed by his Southern town, and abandoned by his family for being different.   The boy, now 25 years old must find the power within himself to confront his abusive past and change his life if he ever wants to be happy.  Click on the Icon Below and read Part One for Free.