A Child’s Sunrise

Despite the boring building blocks
despite the nervous ticking clocks
despite the anxious parents ready to check your report card,
maintain that selfless imagination|
that keeps angels jumping on the trampoline in the backyard
that lifts swaying energies of willing hearts over rainbows
that develops your mind into visualizing people
as photographed souls of God

that opens the entrance into your own soul
when you sit down on the first day of school
and life will never get too hard.

The second it does the weightless, endless power in full bloom
will access you and your heart will know exactly what to do.
Whether it sends you a message to relax
or a vision of the schoolyard bully carefully brushing his cavities,
just laugh with conscious breath and don’t take it too seriously.

As the teaching begins remember no can teach who you are
but if you can feel the teacher’s human desire
to make the world a better place
that feeling can lead you to your own heart.

Before they try to teach you to learn,
teach yourself how to find the simple joy of learning
and you will have a much easier time
when the work gets heavy, long, and boring.

Recess is the church of Goddess.
Go outside and play.
In every breath experience why life always
makes it a great day
for everything from an insect to an eagle. 

Remember all your peers and teachers are just people
no matter how hard they try to hide that truth
so love the ones who struggle with being young
as well as the ones who have trouble missing their youth.

To know who you are it helps to know who you are not,
so remain positively neutral as your peers try on all the clothes in the dress shop.
Let them know how beautiful they are even if they come out
looking angry, demented, horrified, or obviously phony.

Whenever you see a sign that reads No Trespassing or Members Only,
go hug a tree and pray for the lonely.
Envy only makes you older.
Excuses just waste your time.
Hatred only makes the days colder
so always adore your own mind
and politely swim in your own stream
and I guarantee you will be able
to successfully live your own dream.

Listen and feel the sunrise, beautiful child,
that is the closest resemblance of you.
Watch eyes roll down the street back into minds
when they look up at the rising sky,
that is why you should always smile
and tell your perfect truth.

Justin Blackburn “Child Be Wild”
You can buy “Child Be Wild” here… www.innerchildpress.com/justin-blackburn.php

Child Be Wild Book Cover