Beautiful Children, Be Aware

Beautiful children, be aware!
We are created from supreme love energy
not to live in fear
not to disconnect
but to enjoy being here now.

We are born from everlasting light
not to worry about a thief in the night
but to honor the stars with our eyes
for shining our beauty.

We are designed by the most radiant, sweetest heart
not to hate on each other’s art
but to inspire the paint to fall in love
with the painter.

We are outlined by the deepest infinite divinity
not to lose our mind and mask our identity
but to shine from our spine
and illuminate negativity.

We are prepared by the purest, most mysterious beauty
not to criticize our bodies
but to treat every single cell like a supermodel.

We are painted by the colorful, creative light-field imagination
not to be bored filing papers in an office
but to solve every math problem with celebration.

We are perfected by the Almighty Creator
not to wait for a savior
but to feel the faith of a billion enlightened beings
inside our self.

Justin Blackburn, “Child Be Wild”
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