The Reason Your Parents Do Not Fully Love You

I remember this time before you were born
when your father offered me some pancakes.

I said, “nah, I am not really hungry,”
and he got really pissed,
talking about how he made them from scratch
and the least I could do is eat one of them.

When he left the room to regain his composure,
I ate one of them.
He was right.
They were pretty good.

I hear your chrome heart crying…
“your parents do not fully love you.”
Please do not break down
they don’t know how to.

So do not worry about it.
It is not your fault.
They are just as confused as you
about life and what to do.

My only advice to you –
make your dad some pancakes
and if he’s not hungry
just be cool about it.

Justin Blackburn “Child Be Wild”
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