Kicked Out Of The Orgy By My Girlfriend

Recently the great Satan himself
has been appearing out of thin air
to fuck me straight up the asshole
in front of everyone, no matter where I am.

Last week I am in line at the movies.
Satan bends me over and fucks all the fire from me.
Everyone laughs at my comedy
except my girlfriend, it turns her on.

Yesterday at the mall in the food court
Satan fucks me raw in front of the Chic Fila.
The cow killed himself to honor the chickens.

Don’t tell my family
but I am beginning to enjoy it.

My girlfriend sitting pretty on Satan’s dick at an orgy.
She tells me to leave and come back when she’s ready.

Let the world know I write poetry as the people get laid.
Let the world know I put my soul to the page
as I wait to eat Satan’s boiling cum
out of my girlfriend’s pussy.

Let the people know Satan does not hold the keys
to their shackles unless they are willing
to learn how to pick locks.

Justin Blackburn, “Farting Fire”
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