Empty Pockets Open Road

The road is open.
The past has been replaced
by meaning.
Our pockets are empty.
Our potential is limitless.

Our eyes are staring out the window.

Our dreams have made it
out the door.

Our now is here.
Our heaven is within.


We are the power of our art.
We are the creators of our world.

We speak the shelter into the storm.
We rain upon the fire.

We are the answer to the equation, 
born as peasants to lift the weak
into their kingdom.

Our passion is our paintbrush.
Our recovery is only movement.
Our wounds attracted us to each other
so we could heal ourselves.

We must trust the blooming process.

I must feel the music you hear.
You must hear the music I sing.

Feel and question.

What is real?
Is it our deepest desire?


What matters most?
How do we love without extinguishing the fire?

How do we wake the others without
burning down the house?

How do we make our hearts
open our mouths?

The road is empty.
The past taught us
what we are made of.
Our pockets are open.
Our vision is sky.


Our potential stares at us
through the window.

Our dreams ring
our neighbor’s doorbell.

Our now is time.
Our heaven is inescapable.


Justin Blackburn

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