It’s Hard To Get There When You Are Already There (poem)

Life takes you on a journey
without letting you know
where you are going


You spend your time struggling
to get “there”
while you are here.

Your thoughts and feelings
create where you are

so you are always creating yourself


Yet you must figure that out on your own.
But only when you are ready.
Any time before
and you’ll lose your mind.
Which is fine, trust me.


There’s a purpose to the journey
but you must find it
If you don’t,
you’ll die miserably
and in vain.


It’s hard to get there when you are already there.
It’s tough to find what you already are.
It’s difficult to wake up when you don’t know you are asleep.


Breathe in deep.
Let your breath
sip you like a fine wine.


Remember a time
when everything flowed
freely, easily beautiful, bright.


What inspires you?
What gives you life?


You came here through the dark safety of the stars.
You came to Earth to surf the waves of well being.

You came to expand the universe.


It’s hard to get there when there’s nothing stopping you.
It’s tough to learn what you already know.
It’s difficult to heal what isn’t real.


Let the devil know
he’s a figment of your imagination.

Let him scream, cry, and freak.
Express the fear his secrets keep.


Who do you want to be?
Why are you not that now?


You came here soul on fire with rain.
You came here to beat your own heart.
You came to create the life you desire.


It’s hard to get there when you’re the only thing stopping you.
It’s tough to be happy when you don’t appreciate where you are.
It’s difficult to remember who you are
when you’ve disconnected your soul.


It’s hard to get there when you are already there.
You are here.
Get your groove on.
You are going to need it
where you are going.


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