The Gods All Wear Flowers In Their Hair

It is as if we were both born to the greenest, purest flowing fertile hills of Ireland,
but since my family was Catholic and your family Protestant,
we were sworn enemies
until fate brought our thirsts together at a bar one night in America,
where after a few drinks we learned how much we had in common,
that neither of us cared much for our religion,
nor understood why we were supposed to despise each other,
and instantly we shared laughter over hating one another
for so long for no real reason.

We are strangers who are starting to understand
we have known each other forever.
We are neighbors who went years without speaking
until a chance meeting one day at the grocery store
to find out we were best friends as little children.
We are long lost brothers and sisters who finally found out
we came from the same womb.

Each of us as individuals born from the wild,
the wilderness which births the animals, blossoms the flowers,
believes the sky, sings the birds into flight, grows the trees,
illuminates the oceans, and sets the hardworking spirits free,
pours through you and me like a sun-heart-burned passenger’s
moon dark prayer as he holds a giant sun flower
with cool feet firm prairie grass.

There is no burden any of us need to carry.
Each of us is free, holy, hairy, and pure.
There is no division between us and Mother Earth.
Each of us a waterfall; sacred, crystallized emotions
pour from our vessels, flowing over the cliffs
of our aspiring independence.

Each of us begin small like insects to stand up tall like mountains.
Our fathers were once babies now they are old men.
All of those before us walk with us now in spirit.
Our ancestors are our shadows.
Our darkness is our light’s best friend.

There is no separation between us and perfection.
No division between us and the cosmos.
Every time we speak the universe listens flawlessly
and delivers to us our intentions,
whatever they may be.

Each of us is completely unique.
Yet each one of us is a perfect part of the eternal whole.
Our hearts, our lungs, our eyes, our minds are their own planets
inside the solar system of our awareness of our soul.

We are controlled only by our own interpretations of what we perceive.
Only a bitch would call another person a “bitch.”
Only a person who is weak would be cruel to a person who is weak.
We get what we accept.
We allow exactly what we receive.
We are the creators of our destinies,
the movers of our atoms,
the awakeners of our hearts,
the stories of our memories.

There is nowhere we can be that isn’t exactly where we are meant to be.
The thought of sickness creates the doctor.
The thought of injustice creates the law and the lawyer.
The thought of fear creates the police.
Find what you think might be the missing puzzle piece
and the picture you thought was always too big to see
will appear at eye level clear as infinity.

Every thought is an eternity.
Time is a far fetched illusion of brain waved reality.
Everything from the future and everything from history is happening now.
The present moment is forever following us home.
The present moment is beyond our thinking ability.
The present moment is nothing we can ever own.
We are simply part of the present moment’s flow.

The present moment is changing us, growing us, learning us, and creating us.
There is no God greater than the present moment.
There is no one who died that is not with us today.
There is no deity that did not come way of the present.
There is no religion that will out live the present.
There is no wilderness that the present moment will not tame.
We are forever together in present oneness and that will never change.

The Gods all wear flowers in their hair.
Pick one and put it there.

Justin Blackburn “You Are Not A Normal Human Being”
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