Girls, You Can Just Be Their Friends

Girls, you can just be their friends
like an existence that never ends.
You don’t have to impress her
or ask her out on a date.

You can relax and relate.
You can show up late
with no plans and a six pack,
draw a picture on your forehead of grandma’s nutsac.

Girls, you can just love them for who they are
like a logical human being.
You don’t have to try to fuck her
or manipulate her to suck your dick.

You can just be nice to her.
You don’t have to mind fuck her by being a prick.
You can be who you are, a fucking fool,
and admit to being full of shit.

Girls, you can be compassionate to their emotions
like a silent climber in the social mountains of life.
You don’t have to be liar to get a wife.
You can just watch them walk away

with the understanding they will always be ok
because their beauty will forever take care of them.
It will forever take care of you.
If you learn to do what they do.


Justin Blackburn “You Are Not A Normal Human Being”
You can buy “You Are Not A Normal Human Being”