Racists White People Who Feel Their Right To Express Their Racism Is Being Threatened By “Easily Offended, Sensitive Snowflakes” Are Emotionally Dead, Easily Offended Sensitive Assholes.

I am a huge Duke Basketball Fan and I am in a Facebook Group with other fans.  Thursday night Duke plays their rival North Carolina.  A white dude name Rod posts a picture in the group of UNC guard Joel Berry where you see the outline of his penis through his gym pants.  Rod captioned the pic, “Buckwheat with a tic tac in his pants.”  I comment, “First off Buckwheat is a racist term.  Secondly, getting pleasure out of believing another man has a small penis is creepy.”

Within minutes I have all these white people responding to my comment, defending Rod, saying shit like “little offended snowflake needs to take his sensitive somewhere else.”  I tell them it has nothing to with being “offended” or “sensitive” but seeing that you have racism and ignorance stuck in your teeth and you should get that shit because it making you look foolish.

That is what these morons do not understand.  It is not as much about “offended snowflakes” and more about them going into our shared world, spreading their idiot poison, and creating ignorant division for no real reason.  They are placing their hands on a hot stove.  I’m telling them the stove will burn them and their all, “little snowflake don’t like getting burned.”  No, I don’t, and you don’t either, you’re just too fucking dead inside to realize that you are burning alive and destroying the precious, beauty of life everywhere you go.  The precious beauty of life is love.  When you hate on others for no real reason, you are destroying love.

If you want to drive your car off a cliff, it is not going to offend me, but I will try to stop you.  Of course it is up to you whether you drive off the cliff or not.  It is your life, your hatred, your ignorance, your car, your cliff, your death.  For that is exactly what racism, hatred, and bullying does, it drives our world off a cliff.

Justin Blackburn
I confront Racism and Ignorance and so much more in my novel, “The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues”  You can read Part One for Free at www.justinblackburnwrites.com Redneck Snowflakes


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