There’s Nothing Like Getting Your Heart Broken

Farting Fire Book Cover

There’s Nothing Like Getting Your Heart Broken

to make you realize what a bastard you are,
nothing like her taking your heart off like a party dress,
throwing it on the floor, and letting it chill in the room
as she fucks her new dude on your parents’ bed
that makes your eyes roll back into your head
so you can clearly see you’re a meth addict on love street
sucking dick for a sense of self.

There’s nothing like awakening to your delusion
that makes you wash your confusion,
look in the mirror, and take charge
of that little fart staring back at you.
At first you want to take revenge
but you realize you’re nothing to avenge
like dying the name of Wal Mart.

There’s nothing like being humbled
that moves you from your ego’s mansion on the hill
to the sewer of soul,
that lets you know you are the chosen one
to make fun of yourself for being like everyone else
you thought was dumb.

There’s nothing like realizing you’re a fucking asshole
that lead you to a deeper desire
that sparks brighter fire
that burns down your hell.

There’s nothing like getting your heart broken
to let you know how much fun it is
to be your true self.

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