Unlearning Hitlerature

Jobs are for rednecks.
College is for cutie pies.
Money is impotent.
Problems are lies.
All people are lovable.
Judgments disguise.
All people are suicidal.
Stupidity tries.
Getting offended is awesome.
Feeling embarrassed is sweet.
Jesus is never white.
Your God is whatever you want your God to be.
Self hatred is the only disease.
Knowledge knows nothing.
Aliens are everywhere.
Everyone has angels.
Every pun is intended.
Everything works out perfectly.
Testicles are beautiful.
Lesbians don’t need dildos.
Compassion is key.
Emotional attachment is murder.
It is so far out the way out is in.
Life is responding to how you feel.
Reverse racism isn’t real.
There is no road less traveled.
It’s so far out the way out is in.
Everything you look down on you fall into.
Fear is the only reason you die.

Justin Blackburn, “Farting Fire”
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